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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Packing like a Champion

I am a packing champion. I regularly pack for my 11 day trips in a carry-on. But this week, I impressed even myself. I managed to pack for a 14 day trip that included a weekend in NH for my sister's graduation, a week in Northern California for work, a weekend in Southern California to run the World Famous mud run, and then 4 more days back up in NoCal for work. Here are some of the tricks I use.

Work-out clothes
1. Spandex shorts are your best friend. I don't love how I look in them, but they take up like no room, and can be worn for all kinds of work-outs from running, to spinning, to weights.
2. If you are not particularly well endowed, skip the sports bras and bring tanks with built-in bras.
3. Only bring a couple pairs of socks and wash them out in the sink between uses. Oh, an don't roll them up into balls to pack them, they take up way more room.

1. You do not need a pair of shoes for every outfit! I bring my sneakers, my dansko clogs, and my birkenstock sandals. Do I get a little bored with the shoe selection by the end of my trip? Yes. But they are all comfortable and practical and go with anything.
2. Stuff your shoes full of socks and underwear in your suitcase. 

Work Clothes
1. Neutrals,  neutrals, neutrals. I bring a pair of black pants, a pair of gray, and a black skirt. I bring one white button down, and a nice v neck t in black and white. Mix and match.
2. Bring some funky, colorful accessories. You don't want to be totally boring! I bring fun earnings, a big chunky necklace, and a scarf. They don't take up much room, but keep my neutral outfits from being blah.

Other Tips
1. If you are gone for more than 5 days, do laundry at some point during your trip. Many hotels have laundry facilities you can use, and if not, find a laundromat. The few dollars you'll spend is much less than the $50 you will spend to check a suitcase!
2. On the trip home, fold or roll your dirty clothes. Dirty laundry wadded up and stuffed into a plastic bag takes up twice the space. I put the dirty stuff at the bottom and then lay a trash bag over it as a barrier before putting anything that is still clean on top.

What are your favorite packing tips and tricks??

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