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Friday, June 1, 2012

Houston we have a sugar problem

Normally I don't believe in cutting out anything completely from your diet because it is too restrictive to be sustainable. But this week I decided drastic measures were necessary and I said good-bye to sugar. I've made it 4 days without eating anything with added sugar or sugar substitutes. No ice cream, no splenda in my ice-coffee, nada.

I needed to do this. Generally I eat really well- tons of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein. But my downfall was anything sweet, I was addicted. Sugar cravings ruled my life. At one point this weekend I found myself hiding in the bathroom eating a cookie so no one would see me eating yet another one. Enough is enough.

Trying to satisfy my sweet tooth with a something small and tasty after a meal was not working. One I had one bite it turned into an all out binge.

So sweaty. I don't know why I am sharing this.
I already feel better and really hope I can sustain this. I work too damn hard working out to still not be happy with my body.

Also, this morning I remembered why I don't do fall marathons. I hate the heat. Heat, humidity, and long runs do not mix. When I woke up this morning it was already 70, and based on the size and fuzziness of my hair, wicked humid. So I dug out my hand-held waterbottle and set out for a 10 miler. After 10 minutes, I knew 10 wasn't going to happen. I was dripping sweat, my eyes were stinging, and my legs felt like lead. The fact that I managed 8.66 miles is a miracle.

multi-tasking: icing and defrosting lunch
And now I am walking around with some frozen broccoli on my shin which was bothering me during the run and trying to pack. After a lovely month at home, it is time to hit the road again. I'm heading to NH today for my little sister's graduation. We have the senior dinner tonight, graduation tomorrow morning, and then I am heading to Boston to sleep at my aunt's in order to catch a 6am flight to California Sunday morning. Monday-Friday I'm working 12 hour shifts at the hospital in Eureka, and then flying down to So Cal Friday night for the Mud Run Saturday. Then turning around and heading back north to work Mon-Wed. Wednesday night I am taking the red eye back to Boston and then driving home to Portland Thursday in order to be home for my Birthday Friday. Phew.....

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