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Saturday, June 9, 2012

San Clemente California

I am up bright and early to get ready for the World Famous Mud Run. My team just called and they are running a little late, so I have time for a quick post.

Yesterday was kinda neat. I started the day with a run around the marsh on Humbolt Bay in Northern California. It was a clear, calm morning and the water was like glass. I'm not a bird person, so I can't tell you what kinds of birds I saw, but I saw a lot. After a week of treadmill running, it was so nice to be outside!

Then, I hopped on a plane to head to Southern California. I ended the day with a walk on the beach. The beach here is sandy, and there was great surf. I loved watching the surfers as I amabled along. Same ocean, same state, but it feels so incredibly different.

I am staying in San Clemente because it is close to Camp Pendelton, where the race is. I managed to parallel park the giant SUV they gave me as a rental in the downtown area and wandered around looking for dinner. It had a nice little downtown- it is a lot bigger and busier than I expected. It was really hoping on a Friday night.

I ended up as Sushi Gallery Miki, a funky little sushi place that specializes in interesting fusion and art.  I was too overwhelmed by the list of maki rolls to choose, so I went with the vegetarian sampler. It was a work of art, and delicious too!

Now time to go get muddy!

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